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Once DH3 adds the ability to pull this data directly, I can take your username and automatically fill these in. But, for now, you'll have to do it manually.
You can also install this user-script to add a link to the game that will autofill data on this site: DH3 Tools One-Click

Skill Current XP Target Level XP Until Next XP Until Target
{{skill.name}} ({{skillLevels[skill.key]}}) {{commafy(skillNext[skill.key])}} {{commafy(skillUntilTarget[skill.key])}}
Tool Gem
Misc Value
Oil Income
Donor 10% XP
Level XP Level XP
{{lv}} {{commafy(levels[lv])}} {{lv+50}} {{commafy(levels[lv+50])}}

Hit Rate Calc

Zone  Energy  Cooldown Average XP XP/Energy XP/Minute
{{zone.name}} {{zone.energy}} {{zone.cooldown}} min {{(zoneAverageXP[zone.key]).toFixed(1)}} {{(zoneAverageXP[zone.key]/zone.energy).toFixed(4)}} {{(zoneAverageXP[zone.key]/zone.cooldown).toFixed(2)}}
Slot Equipment Stats
Total {{totalEquipmentStats.attack}}  {{totalEquipmentStats.accuracy}}  {{totalEquipmentStats.speed}}  {{totalEquipmentStats.defence}}  {{totalEquipmentStats.magic}} 
Monster XP Your Hit Chance Enemy's Hit Chance Stats Weakness
Ore Tool Per Second Per Hour Per Day Oil Per Second/Oil
Resource Per Second Per Hour Per Day
 {{ore.name}} {{commafy(miningRates[ore.key].toFixed(5))}} {{commafy((sph*miningRates[ore.key]).toFixed(3))}} {{commafy((spd*miningRates[ore.key]).toFixed(3))}}
 Oil +{{oilIncome - miningRates["oil"]}} +{{commafy(sph*(oilIncome - miningRates["oil"]))}} +{{commafy(spd*(oilIncome - miningRates["oil"]))}}

* Click on an ore to fill all machines.

Mining Optimizer
Optimize For: Oil Income
Machine Limits:
Ore Include Value (the value for ore, whether selling or smelting) Amount (the amount of ore you want to acquire) XP

Rates Next Level Target Level
Resource XP XP/SD Resources Stardust Resources Stardust
{{skills.mining.name}} ({{skillLevels.mining}})
Target Mining:
{{ore.name}} {{ore.xp}} × {{xpMultiplier}} {{gems[tools.pickaxe.gem].sdxp}} {{commafy(Math.ceil(skillNext.mining/(ore.xp*xpMultiplier)))}} ? {{commafy(Math.ceil(gems[tools.pickaxe.gem].sdxp*Math.ceil(skillNext.mining/(ore.xp*xpMultiplier))*ore.xp))}} ? {{commafy(Math.ceil(skillUntilTarget.mining/(ore.xp*xpMultiplier)))}} ? {{commafy(Math.ceil(gems[tools.pickaxe.gem].sdxp*Math.ceil(skillUntilTarget.mining/(ore.xp*xpMultiplier))*ore.xp))}} ?
{{skills.crafting.name}} ({{skillLevels.crafting}})
Target Crafting:
{{bar.name}} {{bar.xp}} × {{xpMultiplier}} {{gems[tools.hammer.gem].sdxp}} {{commafy(Math.ceil(skillNext.crafting/(bar.xp*xpMultiplier)))}} ? {{commafy(gems[tools.hammer.gem].sdxp*Math.ceil(skillNext.crafting/(bar.xp*xpMultiplier))*bar.xp)}} ? {{commafy(Math.ceil(skillUntilTarget.crafting/(bar.xp*xpMultiplier)))}} ? {{commafy(gems[tools.hammer.gem].sdxp*Math.ceil(skillUntilTarget.crafting/(bar.xp*xpMultiplier))*bar.xp)}} ?
Uses XP entered on the Data page.

Bar Smelt Time With Furnace Potion Amount Smelt Time With Furnace Potion
{{bar.name}} {{bar.smeltingTime}} s {{(bar.smeltingTime/3).toFixed(2)}} s {{mmss(bar.smeltingAmount*bar.smeltingTime)}} {{mmss(bar.smeltingAmount*bar.smeltingTime/3)}}
Seed Level Stops Dying Bonemeal XP Time Cost* Cost/XP XP/Bonemeal XP/Minute
{{seed.name}} {{seed.level}} {{seed.stopsDying}} {{seed.bonemeal}} {{commafy(seed.xp)}} × {{xpMultiplier}} {{seed.time}} min - ? - ? {{commafy(((xpMultiplier*seed.xp)/seed.bonemeal).toFixed(1))}} {{commafy(((xpMultiplier*seed.xp)/seed.time).toFixed(1))}}

Cost is based on prices in available market data and only for tradable items.

Potion Level XP Cost* Cost/XP Ingredients
{{potion.name}} {{potion.level}} {{potion.xp}} × {{xpMultiplier}} {{commafy(potionCosts[potion.key])}} {{commafy((potionCosts[potion.key]/(potion.xp*xpMultiplier)).toFixed(1))}} ? {{item}}  

Cost is based on prices in available market data and only for tradable items.

Potion Brewable Brewable XP Next Level ({{Math.min(skillLevels.brewing+1, 100)}})
Target Level:
{{potion.name}} {{brewable[potion.key]}} {{commafy(Math.floor(brewable[potion.key]*potion.xp*xpMultiplier))}} {{commafy(Math.ceil(skillNext.brewing/(potion.xp*xpMultiplier)))}} {{commafy(Math.ceil(skillUntilTarget.brewing/(potion.xp*xpMultiplier)))}}
Fish Tool Catch/Day Heat Energy /Day XP XP/Day XP XP/Day
 {{fishy.name}} {{commafy((fishy.rate*86400).toFixed(2))}} {{commafy(fishy.heat)}} {{commafy(fishy.energy)}} {{commafy(Math.round(fishy.energy*fishy.rate*86400))}} {{commafy(fishy.fishingXP)}} × {{xpMultiplier}} {{commafy(Math.round(fishy.fishingXP*xpMultiplier*fishy.rate*86400))}} ? {{commafy(fishy.cookingXP)}} × {{xpMultiplier}} {{commafy(Math.round(fishy.cookingXP*xpMultiplier*fishy.rate*86400))}}
Fish Cost* Cost/Cooking XP Cost/Energy
 {{fishy.name}} {{commafy(Math.round(fishCosts[fishy.rawKey]))}} {{commafy((fishCosts[fishy.rawKey]/(fishy.cookingXP*xpMultiplier)).toFixed(3))}} {{commafy((fishCosts[fishy.rawKey]/(fishy.energy)).toFixed(3))}}

Cost is based on prices in available market data.

If you have any questions or suggestions for this page, please do not hesitate to contact me. However, please keep in mind that what is doable is limited by what data DH3 exposes. Currently there are no api calls to DH3, but according to Smitty they will be coming soon.

The best way to contact me is on the DH3 Discord. Send me a PM at Anwinity#5166

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